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Metal Report

 Lead< 0.00003 %

Analysis Report

Completed by Soil & Plant Laboratory, Inc., 4741 E. Hunter Ave, Suite A, Anaheim, CA 92807 (714) 282-8777
 0.07Total Nitrogen,%
 0.020 Ammoniacal Nitrogen,%
 0.040 Water Insoluble Nitrogen,%
 <0.010 Nitrate Nitrogen,%
 Available Phosphorus as P2O5,% 0.280
 Chloride,% 0.100
 Soluble Potassium (as K2O),% <0.210
 Specific Gravity 0.77
 Total Sulfur,% <0.100
 Total Boron< 0.00025%
 Total Calcium0.0153%
 Total Copper0.0000677%
 Total Iron0.00119%
 Total Magnesium0.0174%
 Total Manganese0.000101%
 Total Sodium0.0387%
 Total Zinc0.00278%
Method Reference:
American Society for Testing and Materials, Annual Book of ASTM Standards Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International, 17th Edition, 1998 USEPA, SW-846, Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Wastes, Physical/Chemical Methods, 3rd Ed. Current Revision