Our solution technologies are based on a mixture of chemical (organic and/or inorganic), mechanical, and biological sciences.

Our waste disposal technology uses proprietary biological science compounds in conjunction with mechanical and chemical actions to break down the material into its fundamental elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen. The reaction is aerobic, which means that it uses oxygen and produces non-noxious and non-toxic benign gases such as CO2 and N2. Traditional approaches using an anaerobic process that does not use oxygen can take several months and even years to accomplish the same results.

Our organic (trees, plants, crops, vegetables) growth technology uses proprietary biological science compounds mixed together with naturally occurring materials such as Rock Phosphate, Limestone, and Calcium Sulfate; associated with solid compost materials to create trace elements which encourage new growth, larger leaf size, and increased yields.

While each of these technologies (waste disposal and organic growth) can be employed individually, it is sometimes possible to mix the two technologies together (i.e. to use the compost residue from waste disposal as the stabilizing ingredient used in producing trace elements for organic growth products), thus creating a synergistic effect.