We founded Global Greening Solutions, Inc. because we fundamentally believe in a better, cleaner world for everyone. We think that, regardless of belief or political ideology, everyone in the world can immediately benefit from innovative, scalable, and clean ways to dispose of almost any type of waste - and we're not just talking about landfills.

Global Greening Solutions, Inc. is a technology-focused company of people committed to developing and providing technologically-based solutions to several of our world's most vexing ecological challenges.

We are dedicated to finding solutions that will turn global browning into global greening through the development of products and tools aimed at:

  -   Reducing waste materials without impacting the environment

  -   Encouraging growth of trees, food crops, plants, and vegetables

  -   Increasing crop yields

  -   Cleaning up landfills

  -   Cleaning up polluted lakes and ponds